The Most Common Problems With Sub-Zero Refrigerators

kitchen Oct15th 2021

The refrigerator is one of the most critical appliances in the home. With a quality refrigerator, you can keep your food fresh longer and enjoy delicious meals every time. When it comes to choosing a good, reliable refrigerator, Sub-Zero is undoubtedly a great choice!

Regarded as one of the most advanced in refrigeration technology, you can rest assured that Sub-Zero refrigerators can keep your items nice and cool for decades to come. However, although the expected lifespan of a Sub-Zero is around 13 years, some of them break down long before they’re supposed to fail.

Although vigorous testing significantly limits the need for repair services, Sub-Zero refrigerators aren’t immune to problems. Like any other appliance, your Sub-Zero refrigerator may develop some issues that require you to call a fridge repair service.

Luckily, your refrigerator can keep cooling your food as long as it should when you recognize problems right away and call for repairs! Make sure to watch out for these common refrigerator failures and act on them as soon as possible:

1. Failure to Cool or Freeze Items

A refrigerator’s primary purpose is to keep food cold, delaying the decaying process and making them stay fresh longer. When your refrigerator fails to perform the one job you expected it to do, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of using this appliance?

A Sub-Zero refrigerator has two compressors, which means that the fridge and freezer have a compressor each. If either of the compartments can’t produce cold air, then any compressors may malfunction.

Regardless of the brand of your refrigerator, cooling issues may be caused by:

  • Faulty start delay
  • Failure of the evaporator fan motor
  • Failure of the condenser fan motor

A refrigerator that fails to provide a cool environment is an urgent problem, as you most likely have some items that won’t survive more than a day under room temperature. Although this is quite a serious issue, don’t panic—make sure to call for fridge repair services right away so that a professional can look at your appliance and come up with a solution.

2. Leaking Water

Water leaking under a Sub-Zero refrigerator is never a good sign, as it could indicate any one of several problems. A refrigerator leak is often caused by a clogged defrost drain, so you can flush the drain with hot water to clear the drain.

In other cases, a leaking problem could also be caused by the following:

  • Cracked water filter housing
  • Damaged water inlet valve
  • Leaking water tank

Unlike with a clogged defrost drain, you can’t solve these issues on your own. When you’ve determined that a simple clogged drain isn’t what’s causing the leaking, reach out to an expert who has experience repairing Sub-Zero refrigerators.

3. Activated Vacuum Condenser Light

When the vacuum condenser light of your refrigerator is turned on, it means that the condenser has been functioning for 24 hours straight. While this doesn’t seem like a concern, it may lead to a problem with your condenser over time, which is one of the main operating components that make up the cooling system.

Once you notice that the vacuum condenser light is on, you must inspect the condenser coils, as they have been working harder than they’re supposed to. 

First, determine the cleanliness of the condenser coils, as dirty coils could be the cause of the problem. If the condenser coils are clean, your evaporator coils may have developed tiny holes. To resolve this issue, you may need professional appliance repair services.


You can never go wrong with a Sub-Zero refrigerator! However, although a smart and prudent choice, you must still inspect it for problems to lengthen its lifespan. As long as you regularly check your refrigerator and call for appliance repair services when needed, it will be able to cool your food for longer than expected!

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