5 Ways Homeowners Can Stay Safe From Gas Stoves at Home

gas stove

Gas stoves are one of the essential appliances in a standard home kitchen. For those who cook their meals at home, it is a piece of heaven-sent equipment that makes life easier. At least 40 percent of households in America have a gas stove. Indeed, gas stoves had come a long way from their start in 1836.

However, similar to other gas-run appliances, gas stoves can become dangerous to humans. Several reports of incidents where a gas stove has caused an explosion, fire, and even death to its users. But through proper maintenance and care, homeowners should avoid accidents related to gas stoves. Here are some ways people can keep themselves safe while using gas stoves.

1. Control the Flame

Gas stoves have built-in knobs that allow their users to control the strength of the flame produced. But aside from adjusting the fire, people can also use it to keep themselves safe while using the appliance.

Homeowners should keep the flames under control by not allowing the fire to go beyond the pot, casserole, or pan used on the stove. The edges of the fire should be within the cookware’s base to protect people from getting burned. Controlling the fire is also an excellent way to prevent flammable objects from catching fire and eventually burning the house down.

2. Keep the Stove Clean

Keeping the stove clean doesn’t only mean maintaining the outer appearance of the appliance itself. Instead, it also refers to maintaining the gas stove’s components like valves and pipes to ensure safety in the household.

Also, remember to keep burners free from materials that can burn or clog the holes where the gas passes through. As a result, people should prevent the dysfunction of the stove and mitigate the risks of getting a weaker flame.

3. Utilise the Correct Utensils

Using various utensils can make or break a gas stove. There are instances where there are types of pots that do not do well in an open flame, and those utensils can’t handle higher temperatures.

The best way to get around some issues in using gas stoves is to use the proper utensils for every activity. For example, if you’re going to fry ingredients in deep oil, make sure to use a utensil that can withstand higher temperatures. Another tip is to use a pan that can withstand direct exposure to fire to make sure that they last for a long time.

4. Keep Flammable Objects Away

Keeping flammable materials or objects away from the fire is a good tip, especially for people who use smaller kitchens. Because of the lack of space, people tend to crowd the closest areas of the stove with several items that they may need. However, keep in mind that fire can sometimes catch the objects near it and can burn them. Make sure to keep the most flammable things away like papers, plastic wraps, and plastic utensils away while the fire is still in use.

5. Install a Smoke Alarm

The best way to prevent accidents from happening is by getting alerted first hand. Therefore, installing a fire alarm is the best way to keep the fires from spreading in the household as it gives a warning that there’s smoke in the area. As a result, people in the home can take preemptive measures to keep everyone safe.


Many things have changed since the invention of the first gas stove in history. Nowadays, most gas stoves have to incorporate the American National Standards requirements to keep gas stove users from danger. As a result, there are lesser cases of accidents related to gas stoves, making the cooking experience much safer for everyone.

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